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Why Choose Elizabeth S. Kreis?
*When mediating legal issues, an attorney with substantial experience should be your first choice.  Many mediators are not attorneys and will not know the law, how to recognize all the issues and draft relevant, enforceable documents.  It is always best to have an attorney with years of experience in your legal area handle your mediation.  As Ms. Kreis still litigates cases, she is familiar with the counties and judges.  This can aid in settlement of your case as she is aware of how the Courts handle various matters.  Ms. Kreis's litigation experience gives the client extra value over someone who is not an attorney, does not litigate Family Law matters, and who is not very familiar with the Court system or the individual judges.

*Best of all, Ms. Kreis is able to draft all necessary
documents, saving the client's additional funds.

*A copy of her CV is available upon request.

More Testimonials:

Thank you for your assistance with my mediation.  Although difficult, you made the process a bit easier.
M.M., a recent mediation client.