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Elizabeth S. Kreis, Attorney and Mediator, Arvada, Colorado 
Ms. Kreis is a well-respected family law attorney who has practiced for 20 years before all Courts in the Denver-Metro area, and throughout many other counties in Colorado.    She has been a certified mediator for over 10 years, and has represented clients, mediated, and acted as a court-appointed arbitrator in hundreds of divorce and family law cases.  Ms. Kreis has an exceptionally knowledgeable, practical and understanding style, and resolves 98.6% of the cases she mediates.  Ms. Kreis knows most of the family law attorneys in the Denver Metro area, and is familiar with how they practice. 
Elizabeth Kreis is a great mediator for the calm and down right crazy cases and everything in between.  Elizabeth will represent you in the courtroom or mediate your case to a solution.  Liz does both. I highly recommend  Elizabeth and have utilized her expertise in a number of my litigation cases. 
- Dennis A. Lacerte, The Law Firm of Dennis A. Lacerte, Family Law Attorney with over 30 years experience

Due to her wealth of experience, insights and understanding, she can rapidly access the best course of action, offer new suggestions and perspectives many parties have not considered and help you to navigate the system more rapidly and less expensively.  The parties will end up with a settlement they can live with, covering all the issues, and drafted in an enforceable manner.  If the parties have children, stress levels will be reduced, and the parties will understand how they can work together to serve the best interest of their children.

Ms. Kreis has run a successful litigation practice for 20 years, is a parent of a young child, and owns rental property.  She has
excellent math skills (very important in property division) and is extremely creative when getting matters settled.

Travel in the Denver Metro area is free.  Ms. Kreis will review any documents provided to her prior to the mediation.  The first half hour of document review is free.  Her rates are extremely reasonable, usually on a sliding scale of $100-$200 per hour.  Please call 303-431-9792 for more information.